Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have an enlightened solution for starting their week on a refreshingly healthy note: Meat Free Monday.

The “Toy Story” franchise icon and his wife of 31 years are keeping their Mondays strictly vegetarian to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Paul McCartney founding the movement and organization of the same name in 2009 as a stand against animal cruelty and a simple gateway to greater environmental consciousness.

“Doing without meat is good for the planet and the animals we share it with,” the 62-year-old couple announced in an adorable joint Twitter video congratulating McCartney, his wife Nancy and daughter Stella on the milestone. “It’s nice to do with less meat those who aren’t full-fledged vegans or vegetarians, no meat on Monday, it’s actually a simple and easy thing to do.”

To further celebrate the way of life embraced by such talented folks as fellow Beatle Ringo Starr, Paul Rudd, Ellie Goulding, Alicia Silverstone and Orlando Bloom, McCartney’s organization also launched the international #MFMCountMeIn campaign to draw not just celebrities but not-for-profit groups, businesses, educational entities and individual supporters together to inspire even greater masses to start their weeks in animal-friendly style. The multi-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee himself has never ceased to appreciate the millions around the world who have shared the power of changing one simple day each week.

“10 years of Meat Free Monday – I can’t believe it!” McCartney enthused in a grateful statement. “It’s beautiful, and the support we’ve had from all these lovely people –you and all the other lovely people – it’s been great. It’s a simple idea that people have caught onto. They love it, we love it, the planet loves it, everybody loves it, the animals love it. It’s Meat Free Monday – happy 10 years!”