Just how tightly linked is the connection of the mind and the body? Think of it like a thread, what pulls at one end, pulls at the other. While there is a need for more research on how emotions correlate with disease presentations, it is established that there is a clear relationship between the two. So is it all in your head? Maybe not, but it very well could start there.

Researchers from Penn State have found that low mood might be a sign of poor health. Inflammation is part of the body’s natural immune response, but chronic inflammation elicits the onset of disease. In the Penn State study, inflammatory markers were established from serum levels and correlated with emotional questionnaires. They found that a negative mood over a whole week was associated with higher levels of inflammation.

That’s why our doctors prescribe a combination of treatments to include supporting stress and mental health as part of physical healing. It is also why patients who have tools to support their mental health and mindset have better rates of improvement. You can start with anything, but we don’t recommend doing it alone. Mood and mental health can have multiple causes, and it’s important to identify if there is something more serious going on that needs attention. But just for today, try to stay in the positive, and you might start feeling a little bit better.

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