Magnesium may be a miracle nutrient for those suffering from poor sleep or stress.

(It’s also does wonders for post workout soreness!)

Found in dark leafy greens, legumes and nuts, wheat and grains, fish, and even dark chocolate, magnesium promotes muscle relaxation and can help our bodies fall into a healthy sleep cycle by supporting circadian rhythm.

Studies have shown that magnesium reduces stress of the nervous system, which  can help your body stay asleep longer. As a result, a sufficient supply of magnesium can deepen sleep, boost energy, and enhance memory by lessening daytime fatigue.

Lacking in magnesium is common, particularly if you are exerting yourself in physical activity and athletic training. Athletes who are low in magnesium may experience increased muscle damage and slower periods of recovery.

You can meet your magnesium needs through diet and supplementation. Before supplementing a vitamin or mineral, be sure to speak with your provider.

Working with a Functional Medicine provider and our team of Clinical Nutrition experts can help you determine what nutrients and lifestyle changes are best to support your energy and sleep cycle.

When supplementing, maximum absorption should be top of mind when selecting the right formula for your needs.

Our Functional Medicine providers recommend this magnesium supplement that includes three forms of highly-absorbed magnesium.

Most forms of supplemental magnesium contain  just one form. Our magnesium is designed with three unique pathways of absorption that includes di-magnesium malate, magnesium cirate and magnesium glycinate.  This combination provides superior utilization and more gastrointestinal (GI) comfort.  Other forms of magnesium may cause GI side effects such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, and/or constipation. The forms of magnesium used in our formula are designed to preserve GI comfort.

Our professional-grade supplement is available for purchase, here. If you are looking for nutritional support and curious about your body’s underlying nutrient needs, connect with our Functional Medicine team today!

Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of your health concerns, helping you achieve your ultimate goals by supporting your body in its most optimal state of wellbeing!

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