Supporting back health for moms

Aligned Modern Health takes back health for moms seriously.

Just as there are many causes of sore backs, we offer several effective ways to ease or eliminate the back pain of mothers. As a provider of alternative health services in the Chicago area, Aligned Modern Health can also help you prevent future backaches by learning how to strengthen your muscles and avoid the sources of back pain.

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Here are some of the methods we use to reduce pain and promote back health for moms:

  • Acupuncture. Sciatica, joint stiffness and other causes of pain can often be relieved through this ancient Chinese medical practice. Aligned Modern Health has six practitioners to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Chiropractic care. Subtle spinal manipulation coupled with exercise can provide immediate relief without prescription drugs.
  • Nutrition. Proper diet can control inflammation and help you shed excess weight, which can contribute to a sore back.
  • Yoga and exercise. Our classes help ward off a chronic aching back by stretching and strengthening back and abdominal muscles.

Find out more about our drug-free, natural approach to healing and better health. Call us today at 773-598-4387 to schedule an appointment at one of our five Chicago area clinics.

Supporting back health for moms is just one of the ways Aligned Modern Health frees you to live every day to the utmost simply by feeling better.


Are you a new mother? Back pain during pregnancy is common, but frequently back problems persist post-partum.

There are several reasons why. Pregnancy can alter posture, which strains the back. It may take months after giving birth before the return of your natural posture brings relief.

Hormonal changes that affect joints also cause back pain. An intense labor in which little-used muscles are strained may be a source of back soreness as well.

Physical activities that come with the arrival of children such as picking up newborns and carrying them strain backs, too. Hectic schedules often leave little time for moms to seek relief.

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