Magnesium is easily the most beneficial mineral emphasized in far too few diets. Despite its crucial role healthy bodily functions, experts estimate that around 80 percent of adults don’t take in nearly enough of this vital powerhouse found highly concentrated in nuts, seeds, fish, beans, dark leafy greens, yogurt, avocados, dark chocolate and dried fruit – some of the most delicious, nutritiously sensible foods under the sun.

Physicians strongly recommend daily ballpark allowances of around 320 mg of magnesium per day for women over 31 and 420 mg for men of the same age, preferably from food. That’s because magnesium deficiency can leave the body vulnerable to increased inflammation throughout the body and elevated risks for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, onset of osteoporosis and other serious conditions.

Meanwhile, once you recognize these significant improvements in your body’s day-to-day functionality, you may find yourself tracking your magnesium intake the way a Fitbit meticulously tallies steps.

More Efficient Calcium Absorption

Milk does a body good, but that flood of calcium can become a double-edged sword. Without the pairing of healthy magnesium to metabolize it, ample calcium can actually increase the likelihood of kidney stones, cardiovascular disease and hardened, calcified arteries. That tag team of essential minerals is also key to defending against osteoporosis and promoting overall outstanding bone health at any age. If you swear by calcium supplements, don’t forget to keep up at least a proportionate magnesium dosage.

Anxiety Relief

Both medical research and anecdotal evidence have pointed to properly processed magnesium as a valuable weapon against heightened anxiety. Studies suggest a strong link between low-magnesium diets, altered levels of gut bacteria known to affect anxious behavior and abnormal activity in the three glands of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis that control how the body reacts to increased stress. Although the consensus maintains that further research is needed to establish a more definitive association, anxiety sufferers often swear by anything containing almonds as an easily accessible, high-magnesium staple capable of promoting a consistently calmer mind.

PMS Relief

Here’s a perk virtually every woman can get behind: fortifying your diet with consistently high daily volumes of magnesium may take the edge off premenstrual syndrome. Diets high in this versatile substance have been associated with less severe water retention, mood swings and other PMS symptoms compared to women reporting magnesium deficiencies. Given the above-listed wealth of foods stacked with magnesium in every serving, taking the edge off your period from the comfort of your kitchen could be not only surprisingly simple but savory and delicious.


Quite possibly the best news of all? Magnesium is both perfectly safe and widely available. Here are a few of the most common (and delectable) foods rich in it with every bite:

Dark Chocolate (70-85% cocoa): 33 percent of the recommended daily intake per 3.5 ounces/100 grams

Almonds: 25 percent of the RDI in one-fourth cup/24 grams

Quinoa, cooked: 33 percent of the RDI in 1 cup/185 grams

Spinach, boiled: 39 percent of the RDI in 1 cup/180 grams

Salmon: 9 percent of the RDI in 3.5 ounces/100 grams

Avocado: 15 percent of the RDI in a single avocado

Black Beans: 30 percent of the RDI in 1 cup/172 grams

Those with medical conditions should always check with a doctor before supplementing with magnesium or any supplement. Most products are easily tolerated but may react dangerously with certain antibiotics, heart medications or diuretics. The best bets are typically magnesium citrate, glycinate, orotate or carbonate. That being said, the majority of experts agree no supplement tops ingesting magnesium through real food. It’s certainly something to think about as you lay out your next week of planning.


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