Use Your Flexible Spending Account

Use or Lose your flexible spending account (FSA). Know your deadline, balance, and what types of services you can spend it on.
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Despite the extra effort that goes into spending as the holiday shopping season is underway, many people forget to check their flexible spending account (FSA) before they are forfeited at the end of the year.
Some, but not all, employers offer a two-and-a-half-month grace period. Others however, opt to let employees carry $500 over to the next year under the strict deadline that any unused funds exceeding this amount are lost after December 31st.
It’s important to check both your flexible spending account balance and deadlines as the year nears a close. After you know what funds you have left to spend, you can assess your spending options. FSA funds are for qualifying medical purchases, which includes co-pays and exams not included under your insurance. FSAs can be used to pay for prescriptions and sometimes, over-the-counter medications that accompany these purchases.
Health reimbursement arrangements, HRAs, similarly are a benefit set up by employers who agree to contributing a certain amount of money each year for employees to use on medical expenses not covered by health plans.
FSAs and HRAs  can also be used for alternative treatments that aren’t typically covered by medical insurance, including acupuncture or chiropractic sessions.
At Aligned Modern Health, you can explore acupuncture to treat a variety of issues including sports injuries, skin conditions, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions and neurological conditions such as headaches and migraines.. What’s more, acupuncture can be used for the prevention of illness, to boost immunity, and can help combat holiday stress which makes it a popular option at the end of the year.
Chiropractic care can also boost immunity, improve DNA repair and  enhance mood. Regular adjustments, at any time of year, can increase range of motion, decrease muscle spasms, reduce joint pain and even help treat migraines. In the wintertime particularly, season activities like shoveling & winter sports (e.g., skating, sledding, skiing) can also wreck havoc on the musculoskeletal system.
Functional Medicine, an increasingly popular approach in addressing underlying causes of disease, can also be paid for with a Flexible Spending Account or an HRA. 
During the holiday bustle, make sure you to squeeze in time to take care of your self. Last-minute appointments may not agree with your schedule, so be sure to schedule now before the season gets the best of you.