At Aligned Modern Health, we are already seeing a refreshingly balanced approach to goal setting in 2020!

According to Polly, health and wellness resolutions have evolved, reflecting practicality along with newfound emotional and mental health goals.

Could this indicate that we are all growing wiser about what it means to live a complete and balanced healthy lifestyle?

For us, this re-thinking of resolutions is a reflection of the real-life support that we strive to give our patients every day.

Your “healthy” looks and feels unique to you – and this couldn’t be more aligned with our daily mission to use individualized, integrative medicine to help you reach your goals and ultimately live your life to the fullest in every capacity!

How do these top resolutions (from Polly’s research) compare to your 2020 wellness goals?

1. Actually doing my New Year’s resolution
2. Trying something new
3. Eat more of my favorite foods
4. Lose weight/diet
5. Go to the gym
6. Be happier/better mental health
7. Be more healthy
8. Be a better person
9. Upgrade my technology
10. Staying motivated

Maximize Your Mitochondria

A key theme, here, is that it’s okay to have simple goals that still make you feel great! Often New Year’s Resolutions get the best of us (or lack of) because they are broadly ambitious.

One of the easiest ways to add insurance to your health goals, and a perfect resolution to set you up for daily success across the board, is incorporating the right multivitamin into your routine.

Multivitamins can help you fill in nutrient gaps, boost your immune system, improve brain health, and in general, give your body the boost it needs to work at its best! It’s a no brainer (pun not intended) if you’re looking to achieve next level health goals this year – or if you’re already on a healthy path and want to ensure you maintain all the benefits of your hard work!

Seemingly little things like lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, prescription medications, and even deficits within your body’s own energy systems can draw on your cellular reserves. This leaves many of us with an inadequate supply of cellular fuel and a lack of antioxidants to scavenge free radical by-products.

Our Functional Medicine team carefully selected a medical-grade, high-performing multivitamin that goes even further to support your immune function and energy output. Our Core Multivitamin includes the key micronutrients, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that your mitochondria (aka, your “cellular powerhouse”) need in order to maintain optimal health.

If you are interested in maintaining your optimal cellular health and making the most out of a daily multivitamin, our Core Multivitamin is available for purchase in clinic!

Keeping resolutions is always hard to go alone. We are here to help guide you to your best self in 2020! Connect with our team today to schedule an appointment or a free consultation.


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