Upper Crossed Syndrome Treatment

Upper Crossed Syndrome is a medical condition in which the muscles found in the chest, shoulders and/or neck are deformed usually because of poor posture. The muscles affected generally are the levator scapula and upper trapezius. They become overactive and thus strained. The muscles in the front of the chest (the minor and major pectoralis) become shortened and tight. This condition gets it names from the x shape that develops when these underactive and overactive muscles overlap.

Our team at Aligned Modern Health will work diligently in order to resolve all of our patients’ muscular issues, which should also reduce or eliminate their symptoms associated with upper crossed syndrome. Our team of experienced chiropractic physicians will evaluate each patient and their symptoms in order to create a custom treatment plan.

Causes of Upper Crossed Syndrome

Some of the most common causes of upper crossed syndrome are poor posture when standing or sitting for a long period of time and the head is pushed forward. This position can occur when someone is driving, biking, watching TV, reading or using a phone or laptop. In a small number of cases, this condition can be caused by birth injuries or congenital defects.

Symptoms of Upper Crossed Syndrome

Some symptoms that those with upper crossed syndrome experience include: tightening of the muscles in the chest, shoulders or neck, headaches, strain in the back of the neck, pain in the upper back/shoulders, jaw pain, tightness or pain in the chest, fatigue, trouble driving for long periods of time, pain and reduced movement in the ribs, pain or numbness and tingling in the upper arms, and restricted movement in the neck/shoulders.

Upper Crossed Syndrome Treatment

At Aligned Modern Health, our goal is to find the cause of a patient’s pain and to rule out conditions before beginning any type of chiropractic care. Some of the treatment options that we use to treat upper crossed syndrome include: chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and acupuncture. A chiropractic adjustment can realign joints, so there is increased range of motion and reduced pain. With physical therapy, our experienced team of physicians can teach you exercises that you can perform at home too that help relieve your symptoms. We also use manual therapy to alleviate pain and stiffness too.

With acupuncture, we can help speed up healing in our patients. Acupuncture focuses on energy flow throughout the body and can repair tissues. Our professional team is highly trained to perform this treatment option on patients to promote increased healing. At Aligned Modern Health, we will create a personalized plan that aims to reduce or eliminate your upper crossed syndrome symptoms. The goal is to address the weakened muscles in the front of the chest and to increase their strength. This will help to resolve issues and to correct this overactive/under active pattern of muscles in the chest, shoulders, and neck.

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