Testing for Lyme Disease in Chicago

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

If you are suffering from symptoms of Lyme, you may notice a red bulls-eye rash at the location of the bitten site within days to weeks after exposure. Not all affected by Lyme will experience a rash. Additional symptoms may appear and reappear including: fever, aches, fatigue, neck stiffness, jaw discomfort, muscle pain and stiffness, swollen glands, red eyes, memory loss and even partial facial paralysis.

A common challenge for anyone suffering from Lyme’s disease is that their symptoms can be confused with other conditions. Lyme has been confused for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and dementia – to name a few. After jumping from one diagnosis to the next, this source of frustration may explain why after several doctor’s visits and treatment plans, the patient’s symptoms don’t seem to improve.

How Lyme Testing Works

Testing for Lyme can also be complex. Standard testing has proven to be inefficient in detecting certain insensitivities  and as LymeDisease.org explains, a negative result on a typical test doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme. This is because antibodies may not have had time to develop, the immune system may be suppressed, or the infection involves a strain that the test doesn’t measure. (There are more than 100 strains in the USA and 300 strains worldwide. This diversity is one reason why Lyme is able to evade the immune system and antibiotic therapy.)

Functional Medicine: An Improved Approach to Lyme Treatment

Functional Medicine offers a whole-system approach to detecting and treating Lyme’s disease. Often, testing for Lyme disease falls short, leaving those who are undiagnosed suffering and without answers.

Functional Medicine practitioners who specialize in the proper detecting of Lyme’s disease are able to utilize extensive and comprehensive testing to overcome misdiagnosis. Treatment is also comprehensive and will take a full-body approach to support your health. While reducing the debilitating symptoms of Lyme, Functional Medicine will address microbiome issues to help restore your body’s optimal gut health and the immune system functions. Working with a Functional Medicine practitioner to eliminate Lyme will include comprehensive treatment options and may also integrate natural medicines that are helpful in treating Lyme’s disease.

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