Fatigue Treatment

Fatigue treatment at Aligned Modern Health in Chicago helps restore your energy by understanding the role of nutrition in fatigue issues.

Through our Functional Nutrition Center, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your lifestyle and diet after medical issues have been ruled out as a cause of fatigue. From there, Dr. Hehmeyer and our professional staff help you figure out how to use nutrition or other methods in the treatment of your fatigue.

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Fatigue is more than just an annoyance. Mental fatigue, sleepiness and ‘brain fog’ make you feel less sharp. You may think you are just getting older or losing your mental edge, but diet contributes more than most people realize to mental energy. Physically, if you feel fatigued, you may have trouble working, exercising or finishing a task leading to negative feelings and low self-esteem. You may not even realize that fatigue issues are interfering so much with your life. And most people don’t harness the power of food and its nutrients to optimize their energy. That’s where we come in.

Don’t give up. In many cases, our functional nutrition program can help improve chronic tiredness, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances or lack of energy. You are not lacking motivation and you are not being lazy. And, you are not alone. Fatigue, brain fog, low energy and an overtired feeling are very common complaints. We can help restore your energy. Fatigue treatment, including optimizing the role of nutrition in fatigue issues, can make all the difference in your life.


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