Chiropractic physical medicine helps make our patients pregnancy and delivery a lot easier. Pelvic manual therapy helps the body’s response to the changes it experiences during pregnancy. The center of gravity changes, which leads to additional pressure in the back, lower back, hips and pelvis. At Aligned Modern Therapy, we specialize in chiropractic physical medicine and use the Webster technique to help our pregnancy patients. Our goal is to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible during this beautiful time in their lives. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is indeed safe and a natural treatment that can improve the positioning of the baby. Please note that in order to perform this technique, an individual must be certified in order to ensure safety.

About the Webster Technique

While regular spinal and pelvic adjustments can help to ease morning sickness, heartburn and other things related to hormonal balances during pregnancy, the Webster technique focuses on fetal positions and easier birthing treatments. With the Webster Technique, our chiropractors are certified to facilitate this pelvic alignment to help improve nervous system function. It works by focusing specifically on sacral adjustments that help to balance the pelvic muscles and surrounding ligaments.
When the pelvis is misaligned, it leaves less room for the baby growing inside leading to constraints. This prevents the baby from getting into the best and most natural position for birth. Ultimately, when torsion of the uterus is reduced then fetal positioning can become more desirable. This technique was first used to address breech or posterior positioning and is now a popular treatment used by mothers to prevent obstructed labor that often leads to emergency caesarean section births.

About Webster Technique Adjustments

Our professional chiropractic team will provide pregnancy patients with a variety of adjustments including and not limited to: the sacrum, the symphysis pubis, the neck, etc. Not every pregnancy patient will need the same type of chiropractic care. When you visit our Chicago wellness center, Aligned Modern Health, we will evaluate your needs and treat you according to what’s best for you and your baby.

Benefits and Goals of Chiropractic Physical Medicine

The goal of this treatment is to establish balance and alignment in the pelvis that promotes a safer and more healthy delivery. Ultimately, keeping the spine aligned properly helps to ensure that the entire body works its best. There are many benefits to chiropractic care during pregnancy. It has been proven that it helps to control pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, reduces the time of labor and delivery, relieves back, neck and joint pain, and prevents the need for a C-section.

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