Melatonin Imbalance Testing in Chicago

Melatonin Imbalance Testing in Chicago

Having trouble falling asleep at night? It may be more than having that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon that effects this. Your body may be suffering from a melatonin deficiency. If you suffer from symptoms like insomnia, tiredness during the day, irritability, social withdraw, or depression, you may benefit from getting your Melatonin Hormone levels tested.

What We Test For

The Comprehensive Melatonin Profile is a convenient, non-invasive salivary hormone test that analyzes the circadian secretion patterns of melatonin. Using a complete light-dark cycle, this hormone test reveals abnormal levels of melatonin that relates to various physical and psychological symptoms as well as premature acceleration of the body’s aging process.

Our Comprehensive Melatonin Profile offers many distinct clinical advantages. This hormone test:
• Analyzes three saliva specimens taken at morning, noon, and midnight. This type of hormone testing allows for evaluation of melatonin activity of a complete light-dark cycle.
• Measures salivary levels which correlate well with serum testing. This hormone test offers a safe, economical, and non-invasive way of assessing pineal function and melatonin secretion patterns.

Once hormonal imbalances have been identified, results can be used to design and implement individual plans for each client tailored to their customized health goals. Our functional medicine doctors and clinical nutritionists will help you get your levels back on track.

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