Lower Crosssed Syndrome Treatment

Lower Crossed Syndrome involves a group of shortened contracted muscles that cause lower back or hip pain. This lower cross involves muscles in the lower back and hips that become tight over time while the abdominal muscles and glutes becomes weak leading to this pattern of overactive and under-active muscles. This is a fairly common issue for many chiropractic patients. At Aligned Modern Health, we believe that chiropractic care can be an effective way to resolve symptoms associated with lower crossed syndrome. Our team of experienced chiropractic physicians can evaluate each patient and create a custom treatment plan that will work to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.

What is Lower Crossed Syndrome?

Lower Crossed Syndrome is an imbalance of muscles in the body, which can lead to posture changes. This is often caused by prolonged sitting, lack of core muscles or stability, and/or poor posture. Those with a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop symptoms associated with lower crossed syndrome. This muscle imbalance can lead to an unstable back, which increases someone’s chance of injury and problems with their pelvis, hip joints and/or lower back. Someone with lower crossed syndrome generally has an arched back, flexed hips, lack of muscle in the buttock and a bulging abdomen.


Some symptoms that those with lower crossed syndrome experience include: tightening muscles, hip flexor and lower back pain, ache or burning in the shoulders, pins and needles in the hands and/or arms, migraines/tension headaches, allergies or weak immune system and more.

Lower Crossed Syndrome Treatment

At Aligned Modern Health, we aim to find the root cause of the pain and to rule out other conditions before providing any chiropractic care. Some of the treatment options we use include a variety of manual therapies including myofascial release, friction massage, and active release therapy. Our treatment plan aims to help strengthen a variety of muscles to resolve your pain including and not limited to: the gluteal muscles, abdominals, hamstrings, hip flexors, calf, lower back, quadriceps, and more.

We also provide acupuncture for patients too, which aims to speed up healing in the body and to reduce pain. This treatment option focuses on energy flow and helps with tissue repair. This makes it an excellent choice for lower crossed syndrome treatment. Our professional team at Aligned Modern Health is highly trained and experienced with acupuncture and can create a personalized plan that seeks to reduce and/or eliminate your pain over time. Please note that with any type of chiropractic or acupuncture treatment, a series of sessions may be necessary for full recovery to occur.

The goal is to address the weakened muscles of the glutes and abs that are involved. This is important as it will help resolve the symptoms felt. If the tight muscles are the only ones treated then the symptoms will return in the future. Our experienced team of chiropractic physicians can provide a custom rehabilitation plan for each particular patient and their pain/symptoms.

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