Bursitis of the knee occurs when the bursa that surround the knee joint become inflamed. The bursa is important for proper knee function and movement because they provide a cushion for the bones that make up the joint. Inflamed bursa can result in swelling and pain, limiting your ability to bend and move your knee and making walking difficult. Before you go to a doctor for treatments like cortisone injections. medications or even invasive treatment like surgery, you may want to consider seeing visiting our professional team at Aligned Modern Health.

What is Knee Bursitis?

Knee bursitis is a condition in which the protective and supportive bursa, which are fluid-filled sacs located between the bone of a joint and the surrounding soft tissue, develop inflammation. When this inflammation occurs, the synovial membrane of the bursa becomes thicker and produces more fluid than normal, causing swelling. This inflammation can be caused by repetitive motion, by injury, by arthritis, or even by infection. Warmth, pain and local redness are often seen.

Causes of Bursitis

Bursitis of the knee can be caused by:

  • Certain repetitive activities, like kneeling
  • Trauma or injury to the knee
  • Strenuous activity like jogging or playing sports
  • Obesity that increases pressure and stress on the knee joint
  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms of Bursitis

The symptom of bursitis that usually presents itself first is pain. Pain in the affected knee can also lead to lack of mobility. Unless there has been an acute injury, the pain generally begins gradually and worsens over time. There can be swelling of the area along with redness and heat, and sometimes, a lump may appear, usually behind the knee. This is known as a Baker’s Cyst.

Knee Bursitis Exercises and Treatment

In the case of bursitis of the knee, it’s never been more true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For runners, the easiest way to get bursitis of the knee is probably to not exercise before running. Strengthening the muscles that are used in running goes a long way in keeping the knee joint healthy. The calves, the hip flexors, the gluteus maximus, and the abdominal muscles of the core are all used in the act of running, and if these muscles are weak or out of alignment, it is easy to put excessive pressure on the bursa of the knee, setting yourself up for bursitis and other injuries.

At Aligned Modern Health, we focus on treatments for knee bursitis that work along with your body’s natural ability to heal. Our in-house physical rehabilitation areas are a place where you can learn how to keep running without injuring your knees and other parts of your body so you can stay in shape. We also offer preventive and corrective treatments like acupuncture, which corrects imbalances in the qi, or flow of energy, by placing small needles at special points on the body. You can also work with a nutrition counselor who will help you find a diet that reduces inflammation and will not only ease your bursitis, but the health of your entire body. From the various treatment modalities we offer, we’ll give you individualized care that is based on your unique needs.

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