At Aligned Modern Health (AMH) we require you to keep your credit card on file with us as a convenient method of payment:

  1. We will bill your credit card for the portion of services that your insurance does not cover, but for which you are responsible.  AMH will automatically run this charge once your insurance has responded and paid their portion (if any) of the balance.   We will notify you through email 3 days before billing your card.
  2. We will bill your credit card for any Self-Pay balances not paid at the time of treatment.
  3. We will bill your credit card for missed or cancelled appointments if we are not notified within 24 hours of your appointment (an email to us is just fine to let us know).  The charges are $40 for a missed office visit
  4. We will send you a receipt for all charges to your credit or debit card.

We want to assure you that your credit card information is secure and it will NEVER be shared with anyone.  Our staff will not keep any written record of your credit card information and once entered into our secure system the only information we will have access to are the last four digits of the card.


Credit Card on file FAQs:

  1. What if I don’t have OR don’t want you to keep a credit card on file for me?
    1. We strongly encourage this as we feel this will streamline the billing and payment process for ALL patients.
    2. We do understand that some patients may not have a credit card and will work with each person to come up with a plan for payments.
  1. When will you process my credit card?
    1. For treatment covered by insurance we will only process your credit card after your insurance has responded and we have posted all insurance payments for a particular date of service.
    2. We will notify you through email you 3 days before we process your credit card.
  1. What if you make a mistake and charge my credit card incorrectly?
    1. If we make a mistake we will issue a refund within 7 business days of being made aware of the mistake.
  1. Are there any situations or charges when my credit card on file can be processed unrelated to products or services I received?
    1. Per our Missed Appointment Policy, we will charge your credit card on file $40 for missed office visits.
  1. What about the Security of the credit card on File
    1. We will only retain the last four digits of your credit card and will not keep a written copy of the full credit card number.
    2. We will only enter your credit card information into our secure system and will not make a copy of your card.
    3. We use as our credit card processing company.  They come with one of the most secure platforms in the industry (
    4. We contract with to process and store your credit card information.  Authorize.Net is audited yearly to confirm that it remains in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Visa maintains a list of PCI DSS compliant service providers, updated monthly, at Visa Featured Service Providers. The list details the service provider, validation date, services covered, assessor and the regions covered.
  1. To confirm Authorize.Net‘s PCI DSS compliance:
    1. Go to Visa Service Providers page and click Search Service Providers.
    2. In the Company field on the left, type “CyberSource.”
    3. Click Search. The entry, “CyberSource (including Authorize.Net),” is displayed.