Asthma Treatments And Therapy

If you’re among the millions of people who suffer from asthma, you know that nothing is more important than being able to breathe freely. At Aligned Modern Health, we’ve helped numerous patients find relief from their asthma symptoms through the use of natural and traditional methods that don’t involve drugs. By taking a holistic approach to finding asthma relief, Aligned Modern Health can help you develop an asthma action plan that can address your symptoms and reduce the impact your asthma has on your life. You’ll be breathing easier knowing that your symptoms are being treated as part of a much larger approach to living a healthier lifestyle through natural asthma treatments. Here are some of the ways in which Aligned Modern Health can create a plan to help you overcome your asthma and breathe more freely.

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Acupuncture for Asthma

The use of acupuncture has been a fixture of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and its proven healing benefits can deliver real benefits for those suffering from asthma. At Aligned Modern Health, our fully trained and accredited acupuncturists have extensive expertise in the use of this treatment for numerous conditions, including asthma. When used as a component of an overall asthma treatment plan, acupuncture can help your body overcome the effects of asthma attacks faster and more effectively.

Cupping for Asthma

Another traditional Chinese treatment, cupping involves the use of suction cups at strategic points around the body. When combined with acupuncture, the use of cupping for asthma has been found to achieve significant benefits for sufferers. Our professionals on staff at Aligned Modern Health have experience using cupping as part of a larger treatment plan based on traditional Chinese techniques, and we can apply that expertise to help you breathe easier.

Functional Medicine

The foods we eat can have serious effects on our entire bodies, including the respiratory system. Aligned Modern Health understands the importance of taking a holistic view of our patients’ health, and we include functional medicine as part of our treatment plans. Working closely with our functional medicine and clinical nutrition team, you will get a clinical assessment of your lifestyle, including your diet and exercise habits. Based on your condition and your lifestyle, we will help you create a roadmap to a healthier you, providing you with wellness goals and dietary recommendations aimed at reducing the symptoms of your asthma and ensuring that you’re living the healthiest natural lifestyle possible.

If you’re suffering from asthma, it is possible to breathe easier without relying on medications or rescue inhalers. If you’re interested in finding a natural, holistic plan for relieving the symptoms of your asthma, contact Aligned Modern Health today to schedule your first appointment.


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