Functional Medicine Blood Work Tests in Chicago

Functional Medicine Blood Work Tests in Chicago

Comprehensive blood work analysis can determine a multitude of internal issues, and blood testing can analyze and diagnose ailments such as: alopecia, anemia, bone density, cardiovascular disease, depression, dermatitis or poor wound healing, detoxification therapy, fatigue, malabsorption, hypertension, immune dysfunction, impaired glucose tolerance, inflammation, kidney function, nutritional deficiencies, Parkinson’s-like symptoms, sexual impotence or decreased testosterone production and vision problems.

What is a Comprehensive Blood Work Test?

Blood Work testing looks at whole blood metals, which the company says are “the standard for diagnosis of lead, mercury, or other metal toxicity or poisoning.” Comprehensive whole blood analysis is optimal for testing intracellular and extracellular elements. Additionally, they are used to assess the patient’s recents or ongoing exposure to elements that could potentially be toxic. However, toxic metals in the body that have a net retention would not have an accurate test result since blood levels peak about five hours after acute exposure and decrease after about a month.

Blood Work testing assesses serum elements, used to look at key elements and electrolytes “that have important functions in the extracellular fluid compartment of blood.” These tests can be either taken separately or as a part of the entire comprehensive blood work test. While some elements are best tested in the whole assessment, some like calcium, sodium or potassium are best tested in serum form because they are transported by serum proteins and have extracellular functions.

Comprehensive Blood Work Testing

Blood elemental analysis should be performed prior to the initiation of, and intermittently during, metal detoxification, since toxic metals disrupt essential element metabolism and are antagonistic to some elements such as cadmium to zinc and lead to calcium.
Analysis is available in whole blood, serum or as a comprehensive blood element profile. We recommend an overnight fast, followed by the blood draw the following day. Elements tested in those categories include: zinc, vanadium, uranium, tungsten, thallium, strontium, sodium, selenium, potassium, platinum, phosphorus, nickel, molybdenum, mercury, manganese, magnesium, lithium, lead, iron, copper, cobalt, chromium, calcium, cadmium, barium and arsenic. Turnaround time on testing is three to five days.

Functional Medicine Treatment

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