Back Pain Treatment

We understand how back problems can make your life miserable – back pain treatment at Aligned Modern Health can restore your quality of life.

Our health specialists draw on sources from around the world to help you heal from, or prevent, the debilitating effects of a sore back.

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Aligned Modern Health uses a customized program of back pain treatment including acupuncture, chiropractic and physical rehabilitation. Over time, you’ll become more flexible and able to enjoy the life you knew before your back hurt.

Our health specialists’ approach is inspired by a recent study of cultures outside the U.S. that experience few back problems. The reason? Proper posture.

It’s possible to reform your posture and relieve the stress on your back by incorporating these exercises into your daily routine:
  • Squeeze your gluteus muscles, strengthening them, as you walk. After awhile, you can do it without thinking. Stronger glutes support your back. Squeezing has the added benefit of toning your behind.
  • Roll your shoulders frequently by pulling them up, pushing them back, and then dropping them. Do this anywhere, whether standing or sitting. This exercise helps stop your shoulders from drooping forward.
  • Check your chair posture. Your chair’s arm rests may be too high and don’t allow your shoulders to hang naturally, putting unnecessary stress on your neck and shoulders. If you “rest” your arms on your desk, check the same thing!
  • Breathe deeply and stand as tall as possible to stretch the spine. Don’t arch your back. Exhale and repeat.
  • Balance a light object like a bean bag on the crown of your head. Lengthen the back of your neck by trying to push your head against the item.


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