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I am so impressed with the doctors and therapists at Aligned Modern Health in Deerfield. I came to see them with significant lower back pain post-cancer treatment. Dr. D'Amico and team have been incredible to work with. This group is special because, in addition to having the finest professionals in their individual therapies, they are ultra collaborative and work together across the modalities they offer; chiro/acupuncture/massage/physical therapy, to help you achieve your health goals. I have never had a group work cross-functionally this way to properly identify and treat my pain through the stages needed to restore my core strength and bring my A game back to my work and home life. I cannot recommend any practice more highly than this fantastic team.

I went in for a 90 minute massage with Ramon [at the Mt. Prospect location]. I have had massages many times before at different locations. This was the first time with Ramon at Aligned Modern Health.

It was by far the best massage I have ever received. Ramon asked areas that I would like for him to focus on, and once I gave him that information, he was able to locate all of my problem areas and work through them. When I left, I actually felt like some of the pain and discomfort had left my body. I would highly recommend Ramon and Aligned. It was a wonderful experience.

Charlotte W.

Going to Aligned Modern Health has had such a significant impact on my health, and I could not recommend it enough! After suffering from chronic GI issues for several years without any real answers or treatment options from doctors, I decided to try a functional medicine approach.

The treatment I received from the functional medicine team in Wicker Park has been 100% effective, and nearly all of my initial GI complaints have completely subsided.

I've suffered from back pain for 10-15 years. Started getting acupuncture/cupping treatment from Matthew at Aligned Modern Health in Andersonville. Amazing results. Should have done this years ago. Highly recommended.

Dr. Rejano is fantastic. He significantly reduced my back pain after the first session and has continued to make progress during subsequent visits. He knows his stuff and does a great job asking questions and explaining things so a non-doctor can digest what is going on.

Can't say enough good things about the AMH River North team. Dr. Para has been pivotal in my healing journey. Her knowledge about acupuncture and how it can help with women's health and fertility is astounding. Love chatting with her each week. Acupuncture has quickly become one of my favorite hours of my week. Ladies, if you're struggling with your period or trying to get pregnant and are considering acupuncture, go see Dr. Para!

It's hard to imagine a team of people who are more friendly and interested in your wellbeing than the group here at AMH Deerfield. I decided I wanted to address my poor posture and the aches and pains it was causing... I started noticing results within just a few weeks with better posture and far less soreness.

... I don't sleep well and actually fell asleep both visits! I was so relaxed and the acupuncture completely took away my pain while the needles were in. My first visit, I had 3 days after with my pain drastically lowered. I had more energy and stamina. After those 3 days, I very slowly started to feel like I had before. Today was my second visit and I fully expect the same results or better, as I left feeling even better than I had my first appt!

I finally found my chiro/wellness home... Every single person who works here is top notch, amazing skill and just awesome humans. I feel so lucky!!! They take insurance and the place is so beautiful and clean. Chiro isn't just a 5 min adjustment, it includes a holistic approach of 20 mins of strength/pt work too.

I've been to hundreds of different chiropractors all over the United States so I'm always a little slow to trust because there is a large difference from one to another. AMH was amazing, they give you the knowledge to PT at home to accelerate your recovery.

I had a great first experience here. The practitioner asked extensive questions and was very responsive to me during the actual needle insertion. It was my first time doing acupuncture and I'm open to doing it again...

The team at Aligned is fantastic! From the minute I walk in, I'm welcomed and feel completely taken care of by everyone... The attitude sets a great tone for the treatment that follows. I have been treated both for a back injury and for some hand issues that I was very concerned about -- I'm feeling better than I ever would have expected. All my questions get answered thoroughly and clearly -- if you are like me and want to understand what's going on, this is the practice for you. I can't recommend them highly enough.

I had a great experience here. The staff was very polite and [my doctor] is super helpful, nice, and really focused on a treatment that would work for me in the long-term. The last place I visited moved too fast with the diagnosis and made me feel uneasy when it was time to pay for visits. I am so glad I came here to get a second opinion and have signed up for my sessions.

I am so grateful to have started working with their team when I did. I would recommend Aligned Modern Health to any friend or family member that asked my opinion. I really felt so comfortable stopping in each week and built a connection with everyone in their office. Keep up the good work. You have made such a positive impact on my life and I thank you all.

Dr. Ahrens is amazing! If you have any kind of back or neck issues, go see her. She will change your life. You always get her full attention and leave there feeling like she and the rest of the team are genuinely concerned about making you feel better. I can't recommend Dr. Ahrens enough!

I love Aligned Modern Health! I think it is so special that you get a whole team of professionals coming together to make a plan for your health. I slowly tried every service they offered and had great experiences from all the providers like no uncomfortable sales pressure. Everyone is very friendly and open to talking. They are very flexible with scheduling. great staff and a great concept that delivers life-changing results

My acupuncturist has been wonderful and so helpful in identifying and treating the underlying cause of multiple symptoms. He truly is the best! His friendly demeanor, his thorough explanations and his willingness to go the extra mile to help patients feel better makes it clear to see he is passionate and dedicated to his field...the acupuncture sessions, cupping, and dietary recommendations have left me feeling a lot more relaxed, balanced and able to manage my stress. I feel so thankful that I found such a talented and caring acupuncturist.

Because I travel a lot for my work, my body was getting worn out from all of the antibiotics and steroids so I wanted to try acupuncture to help my immunity and boost energy levels. Since going to Aligned, I have traveled almost every other week for work and am BEYOND THRILLED to report that I've only been mildly sick only once in the last eight months - whereas I normally would get a sinus infection and chest cold every two months. My acupuncturist takes her time to listen to me EVERY time and walks me through what she is going to work on that day. I love that she listens carefully and is always trying to leverage what works, while also trying new ways to help boost and maintain my wellness. I completely trust her opinion and her work!

My acupuncturist at Aligned Modern Health has significantly improved my quality of life.I had been struggling with severe anxiety that was manifesting with intense chest pain. After 8 months of traditional treatment and multiple medications, with no success, I decided to try acupuncture. Not having done acupuncture before I didn't know what to expect. She was so easy to talk to, took the time to understand my medical history, and create a custom treatment plan that addressed my multiple concerns. I saw results immediately. For the first time in months, my chest didn't feel like it was caving in and after 2 months of seeing her, the pain hasn't returned and we've been able to begin addressing other areas. I highly recommend Aligned Modern Health. It's been a wonderful surprise and I couldn't be happier.

I was in an accident and feeling very stiff and sore. My massage therapist took the time to speak with me about my injuries and how he could help. I was very emotional and he was understanding and caring--not only treating me physically, but also mentally. He is very talented in massage and quite knowledgeable about kinesiology and the human body. I left AMH with a new lease on life. I highly recommend seeking a massage at Aligned to assist with pain management and overall stress relief--you will not be disappointed.

Seanna Tully is an outstanding acupuncturist and herbalist. I went to see her for several different issues, including digestive problems, allergies and some anxiousness, and her combination of acupuncture and herbs has been really helpful over the last year. She also has an easygoing personality which fits her work perfectly. My wife is a client of hers, too, and shares my experience of her. I always look forward to seeingSeanna because I know I'll feel better and also enjoy our banter back and forth. I recommend her without reservation (and now that I think of it, I need to make an appointment again soon!).

Love love LOVE Aligned Modern Health. I stopped in initially because I was looking for a great nutritionist and I loved their logo. I've stayed with Aligned for over a year now because of the excellent service I've received.

I started going to this AMH when I was about 25 weeks pregnant and haven't stopped yet (four months postpartum!). I can say with 100-percent certainty that the team helped me have a comfortable pregnancy, an empowering delivery, and a healthy recovery. You can tell they all like each other and their clients a ton--it really is like a family. It's my favorite hour of the week.

Aligned Modern Health is a wonderful operation! I have had neck and back issues for the last decade and have seen numerous chiropractors and physical therapists, however, the treatment I have received from AMH has truly been one of the best.

As someone brand new to coming to a chiropractor and a bit skeptical/nervous it was going to be helpful, I'm extremely impressed by the improvement and positive effect it has had on my body.

Additionally, the experience was exceptional both with their billing services, customer support, and the doctor who took care of me.

Everyone here is so kind and knowledgeable! I have never loved any healthcare location like I love Aligned Modern Health!

The whole team at Aligned Modern Health has been so incredible to work with over the course of my visits. I have loved all of my sessions and I walk away feeling stronger and more importantly, better informed on the way my body is functioning and healing.

I was blessed to find Aligned Modern Health after an unfortunate automobile accident. I came in with uncomfortable neck and lower back pain. Two months of a combination of chiropractic care, PT and acupuncture left me feeling better than ever. The doctors, physical therapists, and acupuncturist are all top notch. Even the receptionist goes out of her way to help explain coverage, billing and costs. I felt like I had a cheering team of support through my healing.

I am very grateful to this group of awesome people. They were like family to me during my pregnancy and took the best care of me and my baby. I highly recommend Aligned Modern Health in Streeterville for anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

I have been to chiropractors before but Aligned offers a complete experience rather than just some bone popping. My chiropractor explains what is going on and the best course of action. The fitness team make sure you are on the road to being physically fixed. I highly recommend Aligned.

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