Preeclampsia is a medical condition where high blood pressure occurs during a pregnancy. This serious complication can lead to headaches, blurred vision, swelling and other serious and uncomfortable symptoms. It can occur any time after the 20th week of pregnancy, but can even develop up to six weeks after a baby is born during the postpartum period. It typically happens with a women’s first pregnancy, but can occur in subsequent pregnancies in some women too. At Aligned Modern Health, our professional team can help with preeclampsia treatment options including functional medicine and clinic nutrition services.



High blood pressure is typically the first and sometimes the only symptom a mother experience. Protein in the urine is a sign of the condition. Other symptoms of preeclampsia include swelling of the face or legs, rapid weight gain in a few days, seeing spots, blurred vision, headaches and in severe cases, convulsions. While our team at Aligned Modern Health can help treat minor and moderate symptoms, if you are experiencing serious symptoms, whether before or after your treatment with us, please seek immediate medical attention. Without treatment, the baby may be affected and not receive the proper nutrients it needs leading to its inability to grow properly or to be smaller than first expected.


Causes of Preeclampsia

The cause is generally unknown. However, some medical professionals believe it is caused by some dysfunction in blood cell linings. It’s important to note that no treatments prevent preeclampsia from occurring, but at Aligned Modern Health, we can help pregnancy patients to moderate their preeclampsia symptoms with functional medicine and clinical nutrition services. Some known risks factors are multiple births, over the age of 35, history of high blood pressure before becoming pregnancy, obesity, diabetes and/or other medical problems including kidney disease.



Diagnosis usually occurs when high blood pressure is witnessed with another complication such as protein in the urine, impaired liver function, low platelet count, fluid in the lungs or new headaches. Anything reading over 140/90 mm Hg is not normal for pregnancy. To confirm a preeclampsia diagnosis, a doctor checks your blood pressure about four hours later, a high blood pressure reading confirms their diagnosis. Urine tests, a physical test to check for swelling and an ultrasound all can confirm a preeclampsia diagnosis as well.


Preeclampsia Treatment Options

At Aligned Modern Health, we offer non-invasive, natural treatment options to promote a healthy, safe pregnancy.

When treating preeclampsia, Functional Medicine is a valuable co-treatment approach, along with care from your obstetrician.

We work first and foremost towards prevention of preeclampsia. As obesity is a factor in some preeclampsia cases, working with a Functional Medicine provider can help you maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy. Our team of functional medicine providers and registered dietitians take a distinct diagnostic approach for each mother to customize an individualized plan that ensures foundational health factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar are optimized for mom and her developing baby.

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