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Available through telehealth appointments, our acupuncture team now offers Herbal Medicine Consultations.

Considered one of the oldest and most primary forms of medicine, herbal and natural treatments can be prescribed by one of our board certified herbalist to help you ensure your body is unlocking all its healing potential. Herbal medicine is individualized for your exact health concerns and also goes beyond the surface level of your symptoms, working to restore all underlying function.

In response to COVID-19, many insurers are now covering 100% of the costs for telemedicine.

Herbal medicine is used for the treatment, prevention, and management of diseases and other conditions.

Working with an herbalist can help you ensure that you are getting the proper herbs in proper doses and to make sure nothing contradicts with any other medications or supplements you may be taking. Herbal medicine may be used to complement conventional treatments, while some individuals choose herbal medicine to achieve their desired health results without common side effects from certain medications.

With increased support from insurers for telemedicine, this is a wonderful health opportunity for anyone looking for improved wellbeing. Additionally, if you are a current acupuncture patient, these visits can help you continue the progress you made and stay on top of your current treatment goals.

Our acupuncture team is looking forward to checking in with you and we are happy to assist you in reviewing your insurance coverage for Herbal Telemedicine.


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Herbal Medicine Report: Impacts on COVID-19

Despite herbal medicine being one of the most widespread and popular therapies used across the globe, common knowledge and regular use of home remedies was left behind in the modern industrial era. To help you learn more, we will be sharing reports and results in herbal medicine treatments for a variety of conditions.

Among its many applications, herbal medicine can be used for respiratory support and symptoms associated with cold, flu, and pneumonia. In China, acupuncturists trained in Chinese herbal medicine have provided treatment for COVID-19 patients with considerable results.

(Click here for a review of the research on Herbal Medicine for COVID-19 support.)

If you are exhibiting symptoms of cold, flu, or a similar viral infection and have been asked by a medical professional to stay home, we encourage you to consult with a member of our team for additional herbal support.

Herbalists work to customize formulas based on your exact needs health needs. Some of the herbs used in medicinal combinations to support treatment stages of COVID-19 include:


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We now offer our services through Telemedicine so that you can stay home and stay proactive with your healthcare.

Telemedicine is available for Chiropractic Care, Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine with our acupuncture team. Get started by filling out the form below.


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Your safety comes first: we are operating with heightened safety measures in our clinics and offer telemedicine for those unable to visit in person.