MycoTox Profile Testing in Chicago

MycoTox Profile Testing in Chicago

Unchecked exposure to mold is a serious threat that can lead to allergic reactions or more severe health complications. A MycoTOX Profile test can help you make an informed decision on how best to treat your condition and avoid future complications.

What is a MycoTOX Profile?

A MycoTOX Profile is a comprehensive test used to identify toxins from fungi that may be present in your body. Understanding your levels of mycotoxins offers insight toward your current health. Mycotoxins can indicate risk of disease such as cancer, allergies or neurological issues.
Mycotoxins are naturally occurring substances produced by certain species of mold. They can be found in the air we breathe or in food handled improperly. Mycotoxins can cause inflammation, immune system imbalances, organ damage and more serious illnesses.
The MycoTOX Profile tests for many types of these toxins. Results assess potential health risks and inform appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of Mycotoxins

Exposure to mycotoxins results in a range of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Main symptoms include digestive distress, protein malabsorption, weakened immunity levels and lung damage.
Testing involves collecting a urine sample which is then sent to a lab for analysis. Results usually take up to two weeks to process. Eliminating mycotoxins may include dietary changes and professional supplementation.

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A MycoTOX test can help you effectively manage your mold exposure and allergies. Proactive treatment and lifestyle modifications can mitigate symptoms and prevent long-term health complications. Take that first step towards regaining control of your wellbeing today!
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