If you have lower back or leg pain or both, you may have an issue with your sacroiliac joint. It’s estimated that this joint causes up to 30 percent of lower back pain cases. Sacroiliac joint pain can happen to anyone, but this condition is more common in young and middle-age women. If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, you may be more susceptible to sacroiliac pain. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment from Aligned Modern Health can alleviate this kind of pain.

The sacroiliac joint connects the hipbones to the sacrum, the triangular bone between the lumbar spine and tailbone. This joint, also known as the SI joint, primarily serves to absorb shock between the upper body and the pelvis and legs. The SI joints are held together by cartilage. When the SI joint misaligns, you’ll experience swelling in these cartilages. This swelling can lead to pain.


Types of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

When experiencing issues with your sacroiliac joint, you may have the following symptoms:

  • Lower back pain—your back may ache, and you’ll typically only feel it on one side, but may experience pain on both sides.
  • Pain that spreads—you may have pain that travels to the hips, buttocks, and groin. The most common painful areas are the buttocks and side or upper back of the thigh. You’ll usually have pain on one side of the body but may suffer pain on both sides.



The main causes of problems with the sacroiliac joint include the following:

  • Injury—A sudden impact, such as a car accident or fall, can damage your SI joints.
  • Arthritis—Osteoarthritis can occur in the sacroiliac joints.
  • Pregnancy—During childbirth, the SI joints stretch and loosen to accommodate the infant.
  • Infection—In some cases, the sacroiliac joints may become infected.



A highly trained Aligned Modern Health chiropractor can make adjustments customized to each patient’s specific needs and preferences. The goals of chiropractic treatment are to relieve your sacroiliac joint pain, heal any inflammation occurring in the joint, and help you regain mobility.

The chiropractor will first ask you about your health history and conduct a physical exam to rule out other causes. If the practitioner diagnoses an SI joint disorder, he or she will make an adjustment that sometimes relieves pain immediately.

In addition to an adjustment, your chiropractor may conduct an ultrasound, prescribe custom shoe soles, and recommend natural health supplements.


You don’t have to suffer pain—turn to an Aligned Modern Health chiropractor to help improve your quality of life and achieve optimal health. To make an appointment, call 773-598-4387 or fill out the form below.


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