The flu is nearly behind us and allergies have yet to explode. But some of us may begin to feel funky as we approach the early days of spring. As explains, your liver is readjusting to the season and so it becomes especially vulnerable. This means that the functions in the body that the liver is responsible for start to get a little out of whack. When common symptoms of liver system imbalance show up, Acupuncture will work to restore balance to your liver during this transitional period. If you’re finding yourself feeling imbalanced this season, our staff of top-rated Acupuncturists throughout Chicago are ready to help you spring into the season with a little Acupuncture to bring your body back into balance.
Here are six signs from AcuTakeHealth that you may need some springtime Acupuncture:
You feel extra tense. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Liver system is responsible for smooth flow throughout the body. When the Liver is not at its best, things like emotional stress, rigid posture, shallow breathing, and jaw clenching may become increasingly worse.
Your headaches are back and you have other aches and pains. If things aren’t flowing smoothly, you may begin to experience stagnation-type symptoms that include pain, pressure, tightness or restriction. Tension headaches and may be more common and menstrual cramps can also worsen during this time of the year.
Your muscles are stiff. You may notice increased stiffness, tension or tightness in your muscles and joints. This is because the Liver and it’s associated system, Gallbladder, nourish your connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.
You feel irritable.  While your environment may be full of cheer, you might feel more easily annoyed and frustrated. Liver imbalances may also carry emotional symptoms. Your fuse may even be shorter than usual. Anger is an emotion linked to the Liver’s profile.
Your digestion is off. When flow is disrupted, digestive disturbances can occur.
Your eyes are troubling you. Poor vision, dry eyes, fatigue, and eye pain can be linked to Liver system imbalances.
6 Reasons You Need Acupuncture This SpringSpring is an ideal time for renewal, regardless of symptoms. While Acupuncture can help improve the overall function of your body’s Liver system, it can also treat allergies and improve immunity so you can literally spring forward into a fresh season!
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