Acupuncture treatments are a fantastic way to relieve stress and take the pressure off the holidays. Regular treatments can help you survive the hustle and bustle of the season by staying healthy and emotionally balanced during high-stress times. If you find yourself too busy for self-care, keep in mind that many patients report immediate results after just one session.

As a non-invasive treatment, acupuncture has been shown to contribute to improvements in mental and emotional health, while also addressing symptoms that accompany stress or depression. Acupuncture is known to improve sleep, alleviate stomach aches, and combat poor memory.

Holiday Stress

Acupuncture for Holiday Stress

As reported by respondents in an Oregon survey, old family feuds caused the most holiday stress.

Around the holidays, people often report the biggest source of stress comes from their families. While it may not be intentional, the unfortunate saying sometimes goes to show, “we always hurt the ones we love.” As a result of family and holiday induced stress, you may experience fatigue, headache, upset stomach, muscle tension, change in appetite, teeth grinding, change in sex drive, and dizziness.

While the experience of having acupuncture may become a soothing moment of zen and relaxation, researchers from Georgetown University have recently revealed what is at work within your body during acupuncture treatment for stress, anxiety, or depression. Studies on acupuncture for stress have shown that acupuncture lowers stress hormones to help moderate mood.

Working with acupuncturist can help you maintain optimum health and provide the lifestyle tools that help  you take care of yourself and focus on what the season is truly about.

Acupuncture-Inspired Holiday Tips

Dr. Lamya Kamel, of Aligned Modern Health, offeres some acupuncture-inspired tips for your holiday routine:

  1. Sip your stress away. Stay hydrated with enough H2O. All of your organs need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your body won’t run as well which can lead to stress. The holidays, with plenty of parties and more than usual amounts of caffeine and alcohol can lead to faster dehydration. In acupuncture, we associate a natural element to each season. Winter’s happens to be water. So, when external stressors arise, use this as an opportunity to connect with the fluidity of your own nature. Just like water, you can adjust and flow around any obstacles in your path.

  2. Schedule. Acupuncture is all about balance. With a month full of party opportunities, it’s easy to get off track by overdoing it. Do your best to stick to your normal schedule and avoid staying out later than you normally would. Lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on mood. Which, when you think about it, sort of nullifies the whole point of celebration

  3. Don’t be afraid to simplify the season. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, optimal health is based on living harmoniously – even through change. With all the extremes of the season – the ups and downs or demands that may be presented, never fear cutting back, doing without a few bells and whistles or just saying “No.” Taking care of yourself is the foundation of being able to give to others.

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